Telling Your Story


If you are creating a mural, you may give this to your participants, or write your own.

As a companion to these murals, we are sharing, not only photos, videos and information on the location of each mural, but the very meaningful stories of friendships between Mexicans and Americans, as told by those who participate in each one.

Please think about your relationship and the value of the friendship that you have and jot down some feelings about it. With that as a reference, begin to write a narrative in which you are telling other people about your friend and what the relationship means to you. 

Your story may be short, or it may be long: whatever it takes. Remember that you are speaking from the heart and conveying to those who do not know you why you are glad to have such a friendship with a person who grew up in a culture different from yours—someone who may be different than you in many ways, but in others the same.

Practical Matters   If possible, please submit this in digital form by email rather than in handwriting. In this way it will be much easier to upload to the website, where it will be available for all to see. You do not need to use your full name if you do not wish to do so.      

Please submit as soon as you can to:   

Thank You!