Marina & Nancy (Mar de Cortez, Kino Nuevo)

  Marina, my good friend, is one of the first people I met when I arrived in Bahia de Kino. I thought she was very serious and sad much of the time. But, that is not so. I didn’t really know her. I love her sense of humor and her calm delivery of each funny comment, meant to both entertain and to teach. We can spend hours together doing what others think is unimportant, but we are expressing ourselves and sharing a love for things few others can understand. We could spend hours picking up rocks and shells and examining their minute detail. In another moment we will turn to sharing thoughts on something deep and mysterious, yet simple and clear. We have similar life experiences that have cut to our core. We understand each other and can do so without words. It is a marvelous thing to know Marina so well now.  ~ Nancy

Perry & Carolyn, Roberto & Priscilla (Pargo Rojo, Kino Nuevo)

Hola mi nombre es Roberto Rubio. Yo trabajo en el restaurant "Pargo Rojo". Tengo 15 años trabajando ahí, a lo largo de esa trayectoria eh conocido a muchos Americanos, pero eh tenido el placer de tener un amistad con señora Carolyn Joyce Kinsman y señor Perry Wilkes, personas muy agradables y humildes, que luchan por un bien común, estoy muy orgulloso de formar parte de la vida de tan maravillosas personas y que mis hijos tengan tan grandes ejemplos para que sean altruistas ante todo. Hace algún tiempo señora Carolyn me ofreció ayudar a mi hija Priscilla en su ingles ya que yo le platicaba que es muy vergonzosa para practicarlo de aquí nació otra amistad.

Mi nombre es Priscila Victoria Rubio, a lo largo de algunos meses eh tenido el privilegio de conocer a la señora Carolyn y señor Perry, cada sábado en la mañana los visito para aprender ingles, me encanta ir porque no es un clase muy tediosa si no que platicamos de cualquier tema para poder desenvolverme y perder el miedo, desde el primer día que fui tuve mucha confianza con la señora Carolyn compartimos de experiencias y objetivos, es muy agradable conocer a personas tan extraordinarias, gracias por su amistad y enseñanzas, espero algún día llegar a ser tan solidaria y persona tan admirable como ustedes. XOXO

Hello my name is Roberto Rubio and I work in the restaurant "Pargo Rojo". I have been working there 15 years and am known to many Americans, but there was the pleasure of having a friendship with Mrs. Carolyn Joyce Kinsman and Mr. Perry Wilkes , very nice and humble people, who are fighting for a common good. I am very proud to be part of the lives of such wonderful people and my children have such great examples to be altruistic first and foremost. Some time ago, Mrs. Carolyn offered to help my daughter Priscilla in her English and I told her that it is very embarrassing to practice it. From here was born another friendship.

My name is Priscilla Victoria Rubio for a few months I have had the privilege of meeting Mrs. Carolyn and Mr. Perry, every Saturday morning. I visit to learn English, I love going because it is not a very tedious class. We talk about any subject in order to grow and lose fear. From the first day I was very confident with Mrs. Carolyn. We share experiences and goals and it is very nice to meet such extraordinary people. Thank you for your friendship and teachings, I hope some day become so supportive a person and as admirable as you. XOXO

Octavio & Jim (Pargo Rojo, Kino Nuevo)

"Octavio is my longest standing friend in Kino. We met when I was having dinner and he working at the Pargo Rojo restaurant more than 10 years ago. A stuck bike lock bonded our friendship as he came to my rescue late one night, followed by so many times we have helped each other in small ways. I knew he would become a good friend when Sophie (my dog) licked his face.....letting me know he was one of the good guys." ~ Jim


Corinna & Noe (Plaza, Kino Viejo)

Expanding your world with adventures and friendships in another country and sharing stories and laughter in another language is an amazing gift. When you open your heart, eyes and mind to another culture, you are rewarded with a renewed perspective, mutual acceptance and a broader understanding of how interconnected we all are.

This describes the meaning of my friendship with Noe Bustamante for so many years here in Bahia de Kino, Sonora, Mexico. We worked together in a residential treatment program for young men called Positive Impact . We have also shared in many activities over the years - Mexican holidays, quinceañeras, weddings*, funerals, panga trips to Isla Alcatraz, eating "tacos de cabeza" in the plaza, to mention a few.

It is no surprise to me that Noe is now the "comisario" (mayor) of Kino Bay, such a generous soul intent on helping others.

Because of our years of friendship, I feel accepted and included within the Mexican life. I have learned much from my Mexican friend about courtesy, respect and a generosity of spirit that so represents the Mexican people.

Seeing Noe in town always means sharing a smile and a friendly greeting. When he tells me that I am now a Kineña, (a person from Kino), he makes me feel that special connection of belonging where I live. I thank him for that!

My life has been enriched and I am proud to stand alongside of Noe in a Kino mural celebrating "Amigos Sin Muros" - para siempre, forever!

Marlyna, Adriana & Precilla (Plaza, Kino Viejo)

In 2004 while trying to locate a person in old Kino, I knocked on a door of a young woman named Alma.  At the time I spoke almost no Spanish but somehow was able to communicate who I was looking for.  A child of 2 years at her side and pregnant, without  hesitation she climbed in my car and after 4 or 5 stops located the person. We became friends, sharing coffee and stilted conversation. Over the years I watched the children grow up.   Adriana would great me with hugs and say " Marylana, would you like coffee?" Her first English sentence. Precilla, not wanting a quincinera, but a space of her own instead.  Alma and Lupe having a third daughter Nicole.  There have been hard times for this family but they are resilient and are always grateful for all they have.  They exemplify the " family first" in Mexican culture.  I am honored to be their friend and part of their lives as the girls grow into fine  young women.


Cameron & Jorge (Prescott Marine Science Center, Kino Nuevo)

Jorge and I met while I was attending classes at Prescott College in Bahia de Kino. We both live at the Prescott College Kino Bay Center, him fulltime and myself only during the school year. Since knowing Jorge he has been a teacher of many things. Not only has he helped me with my Spanish throughout the time I’ve known him, he also has educated me on different aspects of the Estuaries and wetlands in this area as well as the occasional geology of the islands and peaks surrounding Kino. I am grateful to know Jorge and share a learning space with him because I believe people coming together from different nations is crucial to create diversity and diverse opinions. If you look at a problem from only one perspective, you will only come up with a one-sided solution. By diversifying your surroundings and interacting with people who are different than yourself, you are able to look at things with a broader and more educated view. 


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